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Friday, 2 March 2012

Restructure Your Skin So That It's Healthier and Smoother

Hi Frnds,
This is a Guest Post By Cindy. Cindy Clark is a cosmetic medical writer for Skin Vitality Medical Clinic and has served as a medical consultant for the clinic, where she helps patients deal with complexion  imperfections on a daily basis. Sometimes, makeup isn’t enough!
Smooth, elastic and even-toned skin is what all of us want. A gorgeous complexion is an indication of great genes and that you take care of your body – yet this is not always true. No matter how much care some people lavish on their skin, they still suffer from roughness, blotches, acne and wrinkles. Are you unhappy with how your complexion looks? Here is clinically proven way to physically restructure your skin to make it healthier, smoother and beautiful.

Laser Power with Laser Skin Treatment
That’s right – those intense beams of light have the incredible ability to cause very controlled, precise structural damage to the skin, but before you stop reading, this damage is actually good for your complexion. The laser power eradicates old, dead skin that is riddled with the wrinkles and blotches you don’t want, and spurs the
skin to replenish removed layers with fresh ones that have higher levels of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin, as we all know, are the essential components of beautiful, healthy skin (but we naturally produce less of these proteins that are also worse in quality as we grow older). After a period of healing, your skin is restructured so that it’s nicer than ever!

To accentuate your results, you can also add a little
to your forehead are if you’ve got wrinkles – but only if you don’t mind an injection. Botox is a great way to get rid of lines and creases that can’t be effectively treated with laser skin treatment. Voilá! You now have gorgeous skin!

If you want to find out more, just google it – you’ll definitely find a clinic that offers it near you! Make sure you check out their facilities beforehand, though, since it is a medical procedure that can cause lasting negative side effects when not performed correctly.

Cindy Clark
Patient Care Specialist


  1. informative thanks am a blogger too check out my blog www.foreverbeautifull.blogspot.in

  2. Great Information...
    A year Back I have gone though laser treatment, before that I had so many myths on laser treatment those all are cleared by a Online Dermatologist nice tips on smoothing skin.
    Thank you for sharing this post..