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I am Deepa from Chennai.I am a Beauty Consultant...I have Combination Skin(Normal-oily).. I love Skin Care and Lipsticks,Gloss,Eye Pencils... You can consult me regarding various beauty & skin care products. You can also contact me if you are interested in Mary Kay & Oriflame products.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Oriflame and Avon Haul

Hello Beauties,
How r u all???. My apologise for not being regular in Blogging for past few days as i was out of town for Diwali celebration..  This article about my Oriflame and Avon Haul...  I placed Oriflame order 2 weeks back and received my products last week... And i received my Avon goodies today...
Here are the items that i got...

Oriflame Products:

  • Feminelle Refreshing Intimate wash
  • Very Me double trouble – Electric Purple
  • Pure colour nail polish Baby Pink
  • Pure colour lipstick Vintage rose.
  • Platinum Anti-Perispirant  Deo

Avon Products:

  • Simply Pretty Lipstick Mango Mania
  • Simply Pretty Lipstick Whisper Pink
  • Simply Pretty Lipstick Darling Mauve
  • Simply Pretty Lipstick Truffle
  • Glazewear  intense Cherry Liqueur.

Hope you all like my Haul.. Let me know if you want me to review any products in specific.



  1. Nice haul!! Swatches of lippies please...

  2. Hey nice haul Deepa :)
    could you please review the Oriflame very me eye pencil? :)


  3. @ Shruthi.. sure dear will post it today
    @Dhriti.. Sure dear will review..

  4. what a haul deepa............ very nice :)..... u like avon simply pretty lipsticks very much na????? so bought 4 :)

  5. Really nice haul. I'd love to see swatches of the Avon lipsticks.

  6. @Ani.. Thanks dear.. he he the simply pretty range mostly comes in offer and i get tempted and keep buying.. as of now i hav 6 lippies from tis range

  7. @Poohkie.. will put up the swatches today dear..

  8. Deepa!!! Thanks a ton for LIKING my facebook page!!! :)
    *bear hug* :)

  9. cool.. i love oriflame products and being a rep. its fun. Im planning to take avon membership so what is the procedure..pls mail me at sobtimanisha7@gmail.com