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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Elle 18 Nail Pops Shade 4 Review

This review is about Elle 18 Nail Pops Shade 04 which i got during my recent haul from Urban touch.. Shade  04 is a Lavender colour Nail paint.. I was searching for Elle 18 colour bomb range in Chennai but i could not find out... When i saw Elle 18 Range i picked up one nail paint and 1 Lipstick immediately... I will be reviewing the lipstick later..

Price : Rs 45 for 5 ml(I got it for Rs 43).

This is how it looks on me...

This colour suits all skin stones. I applied it almost a week back and there is no chipping till date...

  • Good pricing  for 5 ml(Actually dirty cheap)
  • Nice Colour.
  • The Packing is really Cute.
  • No chipping for more than a week.

  • Short Brush.
  • Availability.

Rating:4 out 5.

Hope you like the review... Please leave your comments below...



  1. This looks really nice on you. And your nails are amazing.

  2. awesome nails.. where have you disappeared.. havent heard from you in a long time!!

  3. Thanks deepika... Am out of chennai... will b back on monday..